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Blues Fest may still be on, but not on the streets | Silver Valley News

Tonight, Wallace City Council members, as well as several residents, joined in on this week’s council meeting over the phone.

Marcy Hayman, Blues Festival President, was on the agenda to present the festival's plan for social distancing measures; however, Hayman did not attend. According to Mayor Lynn Mogensen, Hayman contacted her prior to the meeting and requested to remove her presentation from the agenda.

The presentation was meant to show the council that preventative measures will be taken and to ultimately obtain street closures for the festival.

City council did decide to vote on a motion even though Hayman did not attend; however, it was not a motion to grant street closures to the Blues Fest. It was actually quite the opposite.

After much discussion, Councilman Dean Cooper made a motion to discourage people from requesting street closures for the rest of the summer. The council voted unanimously in favor of the motion.

The conversation traveled both directions. Councilman Rick Shaffer told the council that he performed an anonymous survey on whether or not Blues Festival should occur. Shaffer says 61% of the surveyed were in favor of hosting the event, while 31% were not. Shaffer also brought up a statistic from the Idaho Travel Council, which claims tourism will drop 41% this year. Without the festivals, which draws in hundreds of people, business will already be slow.

On the other side, local resident Dick Caron, says “it’s a no brainer that we shouldn’t be having these festivals”. Caron doesn’t see how people can maintain social distancing while attending the various festivals, including Blues Fest where alcohol is present. He says, “we should be more concerned with the health of our community rather than the economy”.

We reached out to Hayman and she says that the committee is now looking at other options for the festival.

We’ll of course keep you posted.

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