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Silver Valley business closures and adjusted hours

(Businesses who are missing from the list may not have reached back to us prior to publication)


~Mullan Trail Gas and Grocery [OPEN]

~Lookout Pass [OPEN]

~Mullan Library [CLOSED] until April 6th

~Mullan pool [CLOSED]

~Outlaw [OPEN] Take-out only starting March 20th.


~1313 Club [CLOSED] until April 2nd.

~City Limits [OPEN] Take-out only.

~Sol & Serre [OPEN] Only deliveries. No walk-ins. Delivery charge has been waived.

~Idaho Silver Shop [OPEN] Deliveries can be made.

~Cogs Gastropub [OPEN] Take-out only.

~Wallace Ace [OPEN]

~Blackboard Café [OPEN]

~Brooks [OPEN] Take-out and curbside.

~Northside Electric [OPEN]

~Johnson’s Gems [OPEN]

~Albi’s [OPEN] Lounge open (6ft distancing) and take-out.

~Silver Corner [CLOSED] until end of the month.

~Wallace Coffee House [CLOSED] Not certain how long.

~Wallace Visitor Center [CLOSED] Open for deliveries though.

~Lucky Miner Used Cars [OPEN]

~Silver Moose [OPEN] indoor seating closed. Deliveries available (timber’s treats).

~Q’s Barbershop [OPEN]

~Past Present Shoppe [OPEN]

~Metals Bar [CLOSED]


~Mom’s Eatery [OPEN] Take-out only.

~Meals on Wheels [OPEN] Lobby is closed. Deliveries sill being made.

~Library [OPEN]

~Capparelli’s Espresso [OPEN]

~The Management Company [OPEN]

~Artistokats [CLOSED] until April 1st


~Radio Brewing [CLOSED] for about 2 weeks.

~Kellogg Ace [OPEN]

~Dirty Dog Saloon [OPEN]

~Silver Mountain [CLOSED] For rest of season.

~Kellogg Pet Medical Center [OPEN] However they will be reducing procedures to preserve personal protective equipment for the entire medical field.

~Pizza Palace [OPEN] delivery and pickup only.

~Stovern Supply [OPEN]

~Shoshone Glass [OPEN]

~JB Country Garden [OPEN] flower orders and deliveries

~Wah Hing [OPEN]


~Walmart [OPEN] Tuesday hours - 6-7 am (senior citizens) 7 am-8:30 pm (everyone)

~The Wheel Bar [OPEN]


~Goose ‘n the Tree Fresh Baked Café [OPEN] Take-out only.

~Stovern Supply [OPEN]

~Pinecreek Tavern [OPEN]


~Snake Pit [OPEN]


~Timbers Roadhouse [OPEN] Take-out and deliveries (Rose Lake to Pinehurst)

Silver Valley business closures and adjusted hours


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