• John Webb

Dollar Tree comes to the Silver Valley | Silver Valley News

With much commotion near the I-90 exits in Smelterville, it's had people talking about what construction crews are building.

There's been several rumors about what's being built and we've confirmed with the Shoshone Planning and Zoning Administrator Dan Martinsen that a Dollar Tree is set to take business sometime soon.

The 51,000 square foot building sits on a 7-acre subdivision that was divided into 5 lots for commercial use.

Prior to its current zone, it was a natural resource zone. The board rezoned the lot to house 5 different businesses and already have their first company.

Martinsen says typically when a Dollar Tree arrives at any given location, stores like Harbor Freights and Grocery Outlet also set post. However, he says similar chain stores have yet to contact his department.

We called the Dollar Tree corporate office, but we were unable to reach an associate. Martinsen said they're scheduled to be up and running by this fall.


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