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Idaho Supreme Court issues amended Order which may affect your court date

The Idaho Supreme Court issued an amended Order, which provides that all in-person appearances or civil and criminal dockets shall be excused, however, there will be an exception to emergency matters, child protection hearings, domestic violence hearings, and evidentiary hearings in criminal cases.

Between March 25th and April 30th, all criminal jury trials are scheduled to be continued. No juries will be called in for the time being.

According to a press release from the Shoshone County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, officals are in the process of evaluating which cases this order applies to. If you have a scheduled court proceeding during this time period, expect an amended notice.

If you have any questions regarding your court date, contact your attorney or the court clerks office at (208) 752-1266.

Keisha Oxendine, Shoshone County Prosecuting Attorney


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