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Shoshone Deputies investigating a mysterious account with an abandoned vehicle | Silver Valley News

Shoshone County Deputy T. Gillis was patrolling the Smleterville area Sunday when he noticed a large briefcase fall off the roof of a car that was traveling west toward Page.

The Deputy picked up the briefcase and attempted to locate the vehicle to return the lost item.

Once he located the 2019 silver Infinity with Washington plates parked off of the roadway on a dead-end cul-de-sac, he noticed the driver had locked the car, almost as if the driver was "trying to avoid police contact", according to the sheriff's office. As the deputy approached the vehicle, all he found were several open alcohol containers and the smell of marijuana.

K9 Drug Detection Dog Lulu conducted an air sniff and discovered 223 grams of white crystalize substance, believed to be methamphetamine, along with multiple drug trafficking-related paraphernalia.

Still, with no sight of the driver, a witness approached the deputy and told him that they saw two males leave a wooded area and get into a different vehicle which then drove off.

Deputies were unable to find the two males; however, they did discover that the abandoned Infinity was believed to be involved in an armed car-jacking in Spokane.

The sheriff's office is now investigating.


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